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Larry Goss
Deputy Chief of Training & Safety

DC of Training & Safety Larry Goss

The Deputy Chief of Training and Safety is responsible for the coordination, planning, and direction of the Districts’ training for career and volunteer members as well as implementation of District related safety policies and procedures. The Chief assigned also serves as a Deputy Emergency Manager.   

Chief Goss began his fire service journey as a Fire Explorer with the Los Angeles City Fire Department where he spent 4 years. Larry took his first job as a seasonal with the US Forest Service on the Inyo National Forest and began volunteering with the Bishop Fire Department. Seeking a career in an all-risk agency, he took a position as a Firefighter 1 with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) now CalFire. Chief Goss worked in numerous stations throughout the San Bernardino and Tuolumne-Calaveras Units where he served as a Fire Apparatus Engineer and his last assignment as Fire Captain.  While assigned to the West Point fire station in Calaveras County, Chief Goss moved to the Carson Valley where he was able to Volunteer with East Fork and the Gardnerville Volunteer Department (Sta. 2).

In September 2003, Chief Goss joined the career staff at East Fork. In his 19 years at East Fork, Chief Goss has held the positions of Firefighter/EMT, Training and Safety Captain, Battalion Chief, and currently serves as the Deputy Fire Chief of the Training and Safety Division.

Chief Goss has been involved in Training his entire career at East Fork. As a Volunteer, he assisted with the delivery of the Entry Level Firefighter (ELF). During his time as a Firefighter, Larry assisted with the transition of the ELF program to a Firefighter 1 program ensuring that all new Volunteer Firefighters received certification from the State Fire Marshals office. He also initiated the Districts Written Workplace Safety Program and has served on the Districts Safety Committee as a Volunteer Firefighter, Local 3726 representative, Training Captain providing information as a subject matter expert, the Battalion Chief Bargaining Unit representative, and currently Chairman of the committee.

Chief Goss holds a degree in Fire Science and Administration. He is certified as a Fire Officer 2 and Master Fire Instructor. Larry has numerous ICS qualifications and has served on Type 2 and 3 Incident Management Teams in various positions including Operations and Command Staff functions. 

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