Recent Photos

2023 Food Drive

The annual Share Your Christmas Food Dive was held on December 8, 2023. A total of 23,783 pounds of food and $91,779.19 was collected. East Fork volunteers manned the collection and sorting of food and money. Squad 9 was on hand from 6 AM to 6 PM to light the area. East Fork's Professional FF Association contributed a $7800 check to the cause. The donations are estimated to last the Food Pantry 1 -3 months. Donations are accepted year round. For more information, visit

Elks FF Appreciation Dinner

The Elks held an appreciation dinner for firefighters on April 2nd at the Lodge in the Ranchos. The Career Firefighter of the Year was Justin Tenney (Not Pictured). The Volunteer Firefighter of the Year was Keith Fuggles from Station 2 and Employee of the Year was Holly Megee, Clerk to the Board. In a surprise announcement, District Chief Tod Carlini was named the Elk's Citizen of the Year. Here are a few pictures from that night.

March Logistics Training

We held a Logistics class in March of 2023 for new volunteers. Here are some pictures of us teaching them the basics of tender operations.

March Water Tender Drill

We held a Water Tender Drill on March 18, 2023. Here are some pictures of us teaching the basics of pumpkin and portable tank water supply.