Emergency medical services (EMS)

EMS Services 

Rescue 107
East Fork Fire Protection District provides Advanced Life Support (ALS) care to the residents and visitors of the District with four (4) ALS staffed Engines and four (4) ALS staffed Ambulances (Rescues). Apparatus is considered “ALS” when there is at least one Paramedic on board and the apparatus is licensed as ALS through the State of Nevada. Paramedics are the highest level of EMS care available from the District. Paramedics can respond to and treat any EMS call that is received, including, but not limited to: cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, major hemorrhage, major trauma, choking, strokes and heart attacks.
Fire District is responsible for providing BLS and ALS care during the cardiac event and ALS care in the post-cardiac arrest setting. Each of the District’s Type 1 Fire Engines and Ambulances are staffed with at least one Paramedic and all the equipment necessary to provide care in the event of a cardiac arrest. Additionally, secondary to successful treatment, transport is provided to the closest Emergency Room.
Rescue in the snow.
Our EMS program is overseen by our Medical Director Dr. Daniel Shocket
Dr. Daniel Shocket
 The District also provides lower levels of care via EMT-Basic and EMT-Intermediate/Firefighters. EMTs provide care to patients who do not require advanced care. Some examples of this include low blood sugar, wound bandaging, and non-emergent illnesses. Additionally, East Fork Fire provides Inter Facility Transports (IFT) for patients who require transport from one hospital or care facility to another when a higher level of care is needed. Included in these transports from hospitals are the transports of patients back home if there is a medical or physical requirement that does not allow for conventional transportation.