Genoa Peak Fire & Fuels

Genoa Peak sign at Station 15.

In January 2021, the District signed a three-year contract with NV Energy to provide a fuels reduction crew, now known as The Genoa Peak Fire and Fuels Crew. This contract provided funding and initial equipment costs for a 10-person fuels crew. Following Senate Bill 329 in 2019, NV Energy was required to develop a Natural Disaster Protection Plan. Part of this plan required NV Energy to provide a fuels management and fire response program. Thus, fuels management programs were offered to local fire agencies. Each agency is responsible for staffing, training, and equipping the crews for their work with funding provided by NV Energy. The Genoa Peak crew has been hard at work providing defensible space and fuels reduction in and around NV Energy infrastructure.


NV Energy has roughly 1,000 acres of easements within the District and more than 12,000 power poles. In addition to fuels reduction, Genoa Peak is equipped and trained to respond to wildland fire incidents both within and to neighboring Fire Districts.  Response is managed by discretion and need on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Program Manager Tom Hein.  

Under this procedure, crews are only called upon when needed, thus in many cases allowing them to continue with their primary task of fuels management for NV Energy. 

Genoa Peak apparatus.
The utility & chipper used by the fuels crew.