Hazardous Materials response

HazMat 7
Our HazMat response vehicle, HazMat 7 outside the station.

Hazardous materials are chemicals and materials that pose a danger to the public, property, or the environment once they improperly exit their containers. While East Fork Fire does not traditionally respond to many “hazmat” calls, we do have great potential given some of the occupancies and the interstate highway that runs through the heart of our jurisdiction.

East Fork Fire is a member of the Quad County Hazmat Response Team (Carson City, Central Lyon County, Storey County). This enables us to field a team to make entry into life threatening incidents involving hazardous materials without the cost of staffing and maintaining a stand-alone team. The regionalization of this response need has served very well for over 30 years now. East Fork Fire was a founding member of this team.


Training for HazMat response in A suits.
Training for HazMat response in A suits.