Staffed Stations

District Administrative Office

1694 County Road, Minden, NV 89423

The District Office is staffed by the District Chief and the 3 Deputy Chiefs (Operations, Training & Safety and Fire Marshal.

The District Office is the location of our Administrative Services Department including HR and Clerk for the Board, our Finance Department including Ambulance Billing, Payroll our Accounting services, and our Inspectors.

Office Hours: 

The office is open to the public from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.


Command Vehicles for District Chief & 3 Deputy Chiefs

2 Fire Inspector vehicles


The District Office from County Road

Station 1 

1606 Highway 395 South, Minden, NV 89423

Station 1 is staffed by the shift’s Battalion Chief and Training & Safety Captain. The Battalion Chief supervises the on-duty career staff and manages all incidents. The BCs are each assigned volunteer stations for reporting purposes and supervise the volunteers on all incidents. The Training/Safety Captain acts as the incident safety officer and delivers the monthly training program on each shift.


Station 1 from 6th Street


Battalion 10’s Command Vehicle (Staffed)

Training Captain’s Vehicle (Staffed)


Station 1 from Highway 395

Station 4

1476 Albite Drive, Wellington, NV 89444

Station 4 from Albite Road

Station 4 personnel include (3) three career staff.

Station 4 was the original Topaz Ranch Estates VFD established in 1967. Station 4 and 5 volunteers consolidated into one department the Topaz Volunteer Fire Department in 2007.



Brush 4, Engine 4, Water Tender 4, Utility 4

Station 4 from the front

Station 7

940 Mitch Drive, Gardnerville, NV 89410

Station 7 personnel include (7) seven career staff.

Station 7 is the home of Ranchos Fire Rescue. The volunteer department was established in 1974. Station 7 volunteers operate out of Station 2.



Brush 7, Engine 7, Patrol 7, Rescue 7 & 107, HazMat 7


Station 10

2008 Pinto Circle, Gardnerville, NV 89410

Station 10 from Palamino Drive

Station 10 is currently being leased to the Forest Service.

It was the home of the Ruhenstroth Volunteer Fire Department established in 1987 but currently inactive.


Crews and equipment from the Forest Service.

Water Tender 10 and Engine 10


Station 10 from front

Station 12

3620 N. Sunridge Drive, Carson City, NV 89705

Station 12 from street

Station 12 personnel include (6) six career staff.


Engine 12, Brush 12, Water Tender 12, Truck 12, Rescue 12, Utility 12


Station 12 from the front

Station 14

1699 County Road, Minden, NV 89723

Station 14 from County Road

Station 14 personnel include (5) five career staff.


Engine 14, Brush 14, Rescue 14, Patrol 14


Station 14 from the front

Station 15

3450 Jacks Valley Road, Carson City, NV 89705

Station 15 with the equipment out front.

Home of our NV Energy Genoa Peak Fuels Crew and Seasonal FFs. 


Brush 15 & 115, Utility 15 &115


Station 15 at sunset.

Support Services

941 Mitch Drive, Gardnerville, NV 89410

Support Services is staffed by our Support Services Supervisor and District Mechanic. Executive Program Manager Tom Hein’s office is located here.

The District’s warehouse and vehicle maintenance shop are located here.


Mechanic 1, Fuels 101


Support Services from the front