Outside Training Opportunities

This page was designed as a place where you can go to find outside East Fork training opportunities in one place.
The flyers or class catalogues are displayed by the month the class is scheduled to occur.

Click the name to bring up the file in a separate window. A training request must be submitted for the District to cover expenses.

Fire Officer I Series Classes Note from the SFM Office

TMCC Wildland Classes For 2020         Link to Website for Complete List of Wildland Classes in Spring 2020
                EMail from Sandy Munns about Wildland Fire Training at TMCC

January 2020

4-5, Wildland Urban Interface Firefighting for Structural Company Officer F0610, Yerington           Flyer in PDF

11 - 12, Fire Operations in the Urban Interface S-215, EFFPD Station 12           Flyer in PDF

11, HazMat Awareness, Fernley           Flyer in PDF

12, 18 & 19, HazMat Operations, Fernley           Flyer in PDF

14, DHS Bombing Prevention Awareness Course, Reno           Flyer in PDF     Registration Instructions in PDF

25, HazMat Awareness, Mesquite           Flyer in PDF

26, Feb. 1 & 2, HazMat Operations, Mesquite           Flyer in PDF

February 2020

7-8, Wildland Urban Interface Firefighting for the Structural Company Officer F0610, Flagstaff, AZ           Flyer in PDF

19-20, Residential Sprinkler Plan Review F0142, Dayton           Flyer in PDF