October Training Schedule

The Monthly East Fork Training for October is RIT/Mayday.
This class being given 3 times, twice on a Tuesday and once on Thursday night in preparation for a Multi-Company drill on Saturday, October 18th. You can attend any session.
Volunteers: Contact the Training or any Station Captain to attend on shift trainings and to determine the topic each day.

Please write in SUNPRO code (if listed) at the bottom of the training report. The topics listed below are other trainings and drills, support and CERT training scheduled for October. Links to the files will be provided as Training releases them.

October Training Overview

RIT MAYDAY - STR 07: Str 07.04, Str 07.10
This class will be provided by Training for the volunteers at Station 14.     RIT MAYDAY Lesson Plan

CO - HAZ05.07, RSQ04.16     Gas Monitor, Air Sampling, and CO Procedure

Walk-Thru ADM04.11, FF1702     Douglas County Community Center with Captain Taylor. This training will be provided for easch shift with dates TBD.

FISDAP- EMS    October's EMS Training is the Transition On Line Class

CERT Training Link

Off District Training and Class Flyers

3 & 4, HazMat Awareness, Hawthorne     Flyer in PDF (108 KB)

14, 5, 10-12, HazMat Ops, Hawthorne     Flyer in PDF (108 KB)

14 & 15, Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention: Level I (F0633), Elko     Flyer in PDF (188 KB)

25 & 26, Technical Large Animal Rescue, EFFPD DO     Flyer in PDF (183 KB)

27-31, FS Instrcutor I, Tahoe Douglas     Flyer in PDF (140 KB)