September Training Schedule

The Monthly East Fork Training for September: Tender Nursing Operations

District training for September is Tender Nursing Operations on September 8th or 22nd. Let's follow social distancing and wearing of face coverings but try holding it so we get some normalcy back while following precautions. Meet at Meridian Blvd. by 7 PM. Bring Water Tender and Engine. No more than 2 WTs and 2 Engine per training. Respond extra personnel in utilities or patrols.

Link to Calendar from Overall 2020 Training Plan

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Special Classes or Events in September:
Tender Nursing Operations - September 8th, Location: Meridian Blvd.
Tender Nursing Operations - September 22nd, Location: Meridian Blvd.
Water Tender SOP

Please write in SUNPRO code (if listed) at the bottom of the training report. Training will provide lesson plans or guidance if needed.