September Training Schedule

The Monthly East Fork Training for September: Driving Skills

The Driving Skills class is being held September 3rd & 17th. Bring tenders & brush trucks to the NDOT Yard on Pinenut Road by 7PM. Bring both turnouts & wildland gear.

Please sign up your stations at the DO by calling 782-9040.

E-Mail Training Sign-Up: Click here to send an email to sign-up for East Fork classes. Include your name, station, class topic and date.

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Special Classes or Events in September:
Driving Skills - September 3rd, NDOT Yard
CERT Meeting - September 5th @ TD Station 23, September 9th @ EF Station 2, September 16th @ EF Station 4
Stop the Bleed General Public Class - September 10th, 12th & 14th, EF Station 2         Flyer in PDF
Driving Skills - September 17th, NDOT Yard
Quad County HM Drill - September 19th, Hosted by EFhas been cancelled.
Stop the Bleed General Healthcare Provider - September 25th & 26th, EF Station 2         Flyer in PDF

Please write in SUNPRO code (if listed) at the bottom of the training report. Training will provide lesson plans or guidance if needed.