May Training Schedule

The Monthly East Fork Training for May: Wildland Refresher

The only District training currently scheduled for May is the Wildland Refresher for volunteers that have the initial wildland training. All CERT meetings have been cancelled until further notice. Make-up training from March & April TBA.

Link to Calendar from Overall 2020 Training Plan

E-Mail Training Sign-Up: Click here to send an email to sign-up for East Fork classes. Include your name, station, class topic and date.

Special Classes or Events in May:

Monthly EF - Wildland Refresher - May 9, 16, 23, Station 14 in the back by the Denver Prop     The majority of the refresher will be completed online. The 3 Saturday dates are for the fire shelter recert set up in 2 1/2 hour sessions. Please call the District Office at 782-9040 to choose a time slot and date. Only 10 people maximum per time slot. bring full wildland gear.
This memo explains the Refresher training and the instructions for sign-up
EFFPD RT-130 Self-Certification Sheet 2020 In DOC format
EFFPD RT-130 Self-Certification Sheet 2020 In PDF format
Structure Defense PowerPoint in PDF format
Mini-Striker Pump Link

The Haz Mat Tech Skills days in May have been cancelled. The dates will be rescheduled in the fall.

Please write in SUNPRO code (if listed) at the bottom of the training report. Training will provide lesson plans or guidance if needed.