August Training Schedule

The Monthly East Fork Training for August: Tender Operations - WUI

The East Fork training for August is tender operations to support wildland and structure in the WUI. Both trainings on the August 6th and 2oth will be held at Station 4 by 7 PM. Please bring tenders and brush trucks. We are planning on doing a brush mobile attack with a refill station along with an engine nursing operation. This drill will be a great one for all those new and training operators out there.

The second class is on August 20th and will be in either District 3 or 8. Should have a location soon.

Please sign up your stations at the DO by calling 782-9040.

E-Mail Training Sign-Up: Click here to send an email to sign-up for East Fork classes. Include your name, station, class topic and date.

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Special Classes or Events in August:
CERT Meeting - August 1st @ TD Fire Station 23, August 12th @ EF Station 2, no meeting at EF Station 4 in August
Tender Ops - August 6th, EF Station 4
Initial CERT Training - August 9th - 11th, EF Station 2     CERT Class Flyer August 2019
This class is full. The next class will be held in January 2020.
Tender Ops - August 20th, EF Station 6
Stop the Bleed Healthcare Provider - August 21th & 24th, EF Station 2         Flyer in PDF

Please write in SUNPRO code (if listed) at the bottom of the training report. Training will provide lesson plans or guidance if needed.