Wildfire Season Resources
Fire Prevention & Safety - April 5, 2018

Help your community know what to do if there is a wildfire

April is traditionally the start of the wildfire season. But, many would argue the risks are high throughout the year. Megan Fitzgerald-McGowan wrote a blog, Wildfires and preparedness aren't limited to a season, that you may find interesting and helpful.

Whether you are just gearing up or have been sharing information for weeks, USFA would like to help. Below are three social media cards explaining steps a community member can take before, during and after a wildfire.


USFA has also created a downloadable and customizable flyer you can share with your community about leaving the area if an evacuation is announced.

Saturday, May 5 is Wildfire Community Preparedness Day. The National Fire Protection Association has resources you can use to promote this annual event.