Manuals and Topical Fire Report Series from the US Fire Administration

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October Fire Safety Resources   10/04/18

Smoke alarm messaging: Facebook ads versus automated phone calls   10/04/18

Fire and life safety concerns in peer-to-peer lodging   9/21/18

Circuit training impact on volunteer firefighters' cardiovascular health   9/07/18

September Fire Safety Resources   9/07/18

Mitigating fireground injury risks: Suggested interventions   9/03/18

Fire Department Run Profile for 2016   8/27/18

Home fire safety canvassing: Achieving better results   8/19/18

August Fire Safety Resources   8/02/18

Planning considerations for complex coordinated terrorist attacks   7/29/18

Does firefighter burnout affect workplace safety?   7/29/18

New Firefighter Cancer Registry will help to monitor cancer incidents   7/23/18

Study reveals successful smoke alarm installation partnership   7/12/18

USFA releases report on hotel and motel fires   7/12/18

Updated report on the characteristics of nonresidential building fires   7/12/18

July Fire Safety Resources   7/12/18

Highway Vehicle Fires   7/07/18

New fire sprinkler tax incentives for small businesses   6/18/18

Let's keep children safe this summer   6/18/18

Honor a public safety officer with the Medal of Valor   5/30/18

EMS prehospital documentation accuracy: Can body-worn cameras help?   5/21/18

Wildland firefighting safe separation distances   5/11/18

USFA Announces the 2018 Arson Awareness Week Theme   5/11/18

Take action May 19 for Home Fire Sprinkler Day   5/04/18