Manuals and Topical Fire Report Series from the US Fire Administration

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Free safety messaging webinar   2/08/18

Turnout times: How important is incident time of day?   2/05/18

Is your game plan set?   2/05/18

FEMA seeks public comments on NIMS personnel/equipment capabilities   1/31/18

The effect of repeated exposure trauma on firefighters   1/22/18

FEMA looking for feedback on NIMS Implementation Objectives   1/22/18

Let your voice be heard   1/15/17

Reminder: The Assistance to Firefighters Grant application period is open   1/08/18

USFA releases updated report on vacant home fires   1/04/18

Its cold outside   1/04/18

Testing for metabolic syndrome in firefighters   12/28/17

Latest edition of "Fire in the United States" released   12/28/17

Identifying community fire risk using geographic mapping   12/15/17

Put a freeze on winter fires!   12/15/17

USFA releases report on U.S. firefighter fatalities in 2016   12/15/17

Using a risk management approach to reduce firefighter injuries   11/30/17

Thanksgiving Messages to Share   11/20/17

After action reviews: The good, the bad, and why we should care   11/20/17

Free webinar: Preparing for a National Catastrophic Event   11/13/17

Kidde recalls almost 38 million fire extinguishers in the U.S.   11/06/17

New report offers insights for emergency responders on chlorine releases   10/23/17

FEMA releases the refreshed National Incident Management System   10/23/17

Electronic Cigarette Fires and Explosions in the United States 2009 - 2016   10/17/17

New Reports on Home Heating Fires   10/03/17

PPE Use and Unsafe Actions by Firefighters   10/03/17

New report: Fire Risk in 2015   9/24/17

Mandatory nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System scheduled for Sept. 27   9/20/17

Engaging homeowners in wildfire risk mitigation: Best approaches   9/14/17

New report on occupational violence to firefighters and EMS responders   9/12/17

In case you missed it ....   9/08/17