Outside Training Opportunities

This new page was designed as a place where you can go to find outside East Fork training opportunities in one place.
The flyers or class catalogues are displayed by the month the class is scheduled to occur.

Click the name to bring up the file in a separate window. A training request must be submitted for the District to cover expenses.

TMCC Wildland Classes For 2017

Class List           Link to Website for Complete Info


10-14, Radiation Specialist - Indianapolis           Flyer in PDF

19-20, Fire Service Safety Culture: Who Protects Firefighters From Firefighters? - F0349, Henderson           Flyer in PDF

25, Fusion Center Liaison Officer Training (Basic), Carson City           Flyer in PDF


7-11, Radiation Specialist, Salt Lake City           Flyer in PDF


25-29, Radiation Specialist, Springfield, IL           Flyer in PDF


9-13, 16-20, Oct. 30 - Nov. 3, November 6-10, HazMat Technician, Carson City           Flyer in PDF
The course is a 160 hour course that will be completed over a five week period. There will be a total of four weeks of instruction with a week off in between.