East Fork Fire Protection District Administrative Page

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Strategic Plan Update

We are currently in the process of updating our Strategic Plan. Below is a memo from Chief Carlini that explains the process and who is assigned to each of the eight strategic categories. East Fork welcomes input by contacting a member assigned to that group.

Strategic Plan Update Assignments and Timelines

Current Strategic Plan
(PDF 4.24 mB)

ISO Rating Grade

The East Fork Fire Protection District received its ISO PPC Grading and we were able to maintain our protection class rating of 3. We improved our overall score by 1 point in the total analysis.

So, for the time being, our residents and business can enjoy the benefits of this rating and hopefully a status quo in fire insurance rates as they relate to the fire district, the water systems, and our 911 center.

ISO Ratings and How They Affect
Your Home Insurance Rates

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